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Desing Taste Center

Are you looking for an experienced partner who will develop your idea into a finished food product?
Do you need to optimize your recipe or adapt it to existing equipment?
Perhaps you are only looking for guidance regarding regulations, shelf life or market placement?


We are a spin-off of DESING Ltd., one of the regional leaders in B2B food processing with over 25 years of experience. Now we decided to share our know-how and help others.


Our team works with you through all stages of product development – from concept creation and laboratory testing, recipe fine tuning, sensory evaluation, scale-up, industrial processing to market placement.

We provide you access to specialised laboratory equipment and unique pilot-plant food processing facilities.

We offer collaborative projects and one-to-one contracts.

We organise practical courses for entrepreneurs, start-ups, experienced food technologists and food technology students, looking to deepen their knowledge.



What We Offer

Food and Beverage Development

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Technical Support

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Modern Interactive Courses

If you don’t test something with your own hands, you will either never learn it, or you will quickly forget it. Unfortunately, education system in our region is usually focused on theory, rather than practice. We want to correct this hole in our educational system, at least when it comes to food technology. That is why, every year, we offer practical courses for best food technology students. The best of the best are later on given a chance to stay with us and continue their professional growth in an unique and innovative environment.

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Accelerated Shelf Life Studies

Shelf life can be predicted using known relationships between the acceleration factor and the degradation rate and analyzing the results of physico-chemical and sensory data through mathematical model that is different for every product and that we developed ourselves for specific needs of our customers. Conventional determination of shelf life or real-time stability testing is very long process and an outdated method, with limited use in fast-paced world we live in today. It gives a chance to competitors to market similar products while you are wasting your time conventionally assessing the shelf life of your newly developed product. On the other hand, if you market unstable product, you risk consumer’s trust and your reputation. In accelerated shelf life testing a product is stored at elevated stress conditions (such as temperature, humidity, pH, light etc).

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Product conceptualisation

If you have raw materials, processing equipment, or any other deployed resource, and you are not sure how to utilize them to their fullest potential, we can, together with you, explore suitability of given resources in terms of product development and production, marketability, cost-effectiveness and profit potential.

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New Product Development

If you have raw materials, processing equipment, or any other deployed resource, and you are not sure how to utilize them to their fullest potential, we can, together with you, explore suitability of given resources in terms of product development and production, marketability, cost-effectiveness and profit potential.

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Product and process Improvements

With extensive experience in product development and process optimisation for confectionary, bakery, beverage, dairy and ice cream industry, together with access to specialised pilot processing equipment and our wide network of food industry proffesionals we are able to enhance your products and upgrade your processes quickly.

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Recipe Optimisation

Success is often hidden in the details. Small changes can make big impact on your product quality and sales potential. Our experience and international connections with food industry professionals can give you competitive edge in a very short time.

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Cost Optimisation

With huge network of international suppliers, we can support you with raw material procurement, and with our know-how, we can help you optimise your production processes.

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Regulatory Consulting

If you want to market a product, first you need to take into account different regulations from microbiological criteria, permitted residue levels, permitted additives and ingredients for certain product groups, product categorization, allergen presence, nutritional information, allowed packaging materials, limited packaging design depending on product composition etc. Legislation is often ambiguous and extensive, but in the end it is there to protect consumers. When it comes to food, some mistakes can be very dangerous. Thus, don’t take any chances - consult a professional.

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Sensory Analysis

We offer analytical (professional) and affective (consumer) sensory testing coupled with statistical analysis.

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Technical support on-site

We are very well aware that laboratory conditions defer from pilot, and they further defer from industrial. We know that in industrial production you need to take into account more variables in order to achieve desired result. If you want to reduce number of trials, reduce costs and save time, we can help you on-site - in your own processing facility.

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Market Research

Trend Tracking, Consumer Insights

Marketing Activities

Advertising, design, promotion, product placement, networking

Sales Consultancy

Retail, Horeca



Years of experience




DTC Internship program

Six-month Internship program for food technology students

DTC Internship program

One-year Internship program for food technology students





USAID Competitive Economy Project

The Premium Food Design Hub (PFDH 2018)

Value added products from fruit processing waste

utilisation of apple pomace





USAID Competitive Economy Project

The Premium Food Design Hub 2019






DTC One-month Internship program

Internship program for food technology students

„Oblachinska“(USAID Competitive Economy Project)



more projects


Premium food design hub

Premium food design hub

Student Praxis

Student praxis



Premium Food Design Hub

Premium Food Design Hub (PFDH) is an initiative launched by USAID Competitive Economy Project in 2018. This innovative support model provides food start-ups and mid-sized food businesses with support services in core product and business development areas, including food technology, product design, raising finances and access to new markets. Four hubs – Desing Taste center, Impact Hub, Nova Iskra and Business Innovation Programs during the eight months worked with 20 food producers to develop new, premium products targeting consumers in domestic and international markets

DTC team worked with 6 food producers on the development of new, premium products targeting consumers in domestic and international markets:

Internship Program 2017
Student praxis

Every year, DTC gives the opportunity to the best students of food technology and biotechnology to obtain practical knowledge essential for working in any food company.

Student praxis is held at 4 facilities:
1. DTC, Belgrade, where we provide laboratory training, including basics of food analysis and product development;
2. Warehouse, Knjaževac, in which participants are acquainted with basics of storage at different regimes, packaging and transportation.
3. Processing laboratory, Knjaževac, in which basics of quality control of raw materials and finished products are assessed; and
4. Production facility, Knjaževac, where basics of industrial processing and GMP are taught.

The best of the best are later on given a chance to stay with us and continue their professional growth in an unique and innovative environment. Every participant gets a certificate of attendance.


DTC provides workshops and on-site training programs for anyone willing to learn more about products and applications for bakery, confectionary and ice cream industry.

Workshops are primarily organized for commercial sectors of food distribution companies, with the goal to provide them practical knowledge and better insight in specific fields of food industries.

After the workshop, participants are able to understand better their customers and thus, provide them with better service.

Javni poziv USAID

Program podrške razvoju prehrambenih proizvoda vrhunskog kvaliteta

Program se realizuje uz podršku USAID Projekta za konkurentnu privredu, nastavlja se i ove godine sa ciljem da kroz mentorsku i tehničku podršku Desing Taste Centra 8 kompanija unaprede svoje proizvode i konkurentnost na domaćem i inostranom tržištu.

Izabrane start up kompanije i mala i srednja preduzeća imaće priliku da prođu kroz posebno kreiran program individualnih i grupnih aktivnosti i treninga u trajanju od 9 meseci, sa intenzivnim razvojnim kampom od 3 meseca, koji će pokriti sledeće oblasti:
1. Prehrambenu tehnologiju – razvoj i unapređenje proizvoda i/ili tehnoloških procesa
2. Industrijski i web dizajn - razvoj i unapređenje web dizajna i dizajna pakovanja
3. Promotivne aktivnosti i B2B događaji – Učešće na sajmovima hrane i pića i drugim poslovnim događajima
4. Pristup tržištima – Povezivanje sa maloprodajnim lancima, posrednicima za prodaju i pristup kanalima za izvoz premium prehrambenih proizvoda
5. Pristup izvorima finansiranja – priprema za pregovore i povezivanje sa potencijalnim investitorima.
- Moderno opremljen PROSTOR specijalno prilagođen za potrebe istraživanja i razvoja, praktičnih i teorijskih obuka iz različitih oblasti poslovanja
- Kvalifikovane MENTORE sa višegodišnjim iskustvom u razvoju i komercijalizaciji prehrambenih proizvoda
- PRAKTIČNU OBUKU na pilot postrojenjima za proizvodnju različitih prehrambenih proizvoda
- UMREŽAVANJE sa naučnom i poslovnom zajednicom

Aleksandar Pašić – Specijalista za pristup tržištu, Desing Taste Centar
Dr Mile Veljović - Prehrambeni tehnolog, Desing Taste Centar
Ana Popović – Projekt menadžer, Desing Taste Centar
Sreten Vranić - Program menadžer za start up kompanije, ERSTE Banka
Milica Zatezalo - USAID Competitive Economy Project, Markets Manager

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SAMPLES in 2019










Latest News


Moving away from titanium dioxide

In line with the European Commision regulation (EU) 2022/63 of 14th January 2022 regarding the food additive titanium dioxide (E171), Desing LTD has done an extensive research and successfully developed alternative solution to remove E171 while upholding the integrity of the products. The most challenging among them – Vanilla and other light-colored bakestable cream solutions.
Consumers health and safety have always been of greatest importance for Desing. Further, to keep sustainable supply of Bavarian creams and meet the above-mentioned regulative requirement, as well as our decades long built customers trust, great effort has been put in R&D activities. In collaboration with our procurement team, we have tested numerous ingredient alternatives for E171. While aiming to retain products quality, appearance, stability, taste, texture, and cost, it was quite a challenge to replace titanium dioxide unique physicochemical properties.
As always, when working as a team with focus and dedication, no problem seems to be impossible to be solved. We can proudly announce that we have launched a new line of titanium dioxide free Bavarian cream solutions.


Desing successfully carried out innovative project on prebiotics implementation into the solutions for the food industry

In cooperation with the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy of the University of Belgrade, we have successfully implemented the project "ENZYMATICALLY DERIVED PREBIOTIC-CONTAINING FOOD PREPARATIONS", co-financed by the Innovation Fund in the period 2018-2021.The goal of the project was to develop the "in situ" enzyme process of partial conversion of present sugars into prebiotics: fructose- and galacto-oligosaccharides (FOS and GOS).
This innovative process enables creation of prebiotics during the process of production of cream and fruit preparations for the confectionery and bakery industry, thereby achieving multiple positive effects: creating prebiotic products, reducing sugar and calorie content and achieving superior sensory characteristics, while keeping competitive price of the product.
With the realization of this project, Desing Ltd. continues its successful cooperation with scientific and research institutions, with a clear direction towards development of value-added functional food products.


Desing award winner of the collaborative grant scheme program

Last night at the event of the Innovation Fund „Innovation: investment in the future“, Desing was presented as one of the award winners of the second cycle of the Collaborative Grant Scheme Program. In the next two years, Desing will implement a collaborative project with The Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy of the University of Belgrade „Enzymatically derived prebiotic-containing food preparations“. The aim of the project is the development of the new enzymatic process which will partially convert already present sucrose or lactose in Desings` well-established food preparations to functionally active compounds with prebiotic properties. Collaborative Grant Scheme Program (Program) is designed to incentivize private sector companies and public sector R&D organizations to engage in joint R&D projects with the goal of creating new products and services, as well as innovative technologies with significant future impact and market potential.


Premium Food Design Hub Initiative

On December 6, at Dorcol Platz in Belgrade, the USAID Competitive Economy Project held a networking brunch and panel discusssion to mark the completion of the first cycle of the `Premium Food Design Hub` (PFDH) initiative. The PFDH initiative was launched to kick-start innovation in Serbia’s food processing industry. Over the past eight months, four food hubs – Desing Taste Center, Business Innovation Programs, Impact Hub and Nova Iskra – worked with 20 food producers to develop new, premium products targeting consumers in domestic and international markets.


Premium Food Design Hub Initiative

BELGRADE, June 17, 2020 – Desing company, with the support of USAID Competitive Economy Project, organized the kickoff event to launch the Center for the Development of Innovative Products Made of Oblachinska Cherry. The Center’s main activities are focused on the development and promotion of high-quality and healthy products made of this fruit and the promotion of Serbian brand “Oblachinska Cherry” in domestic and international markets which will add value to the products, and consequently lead to increased sales and exports.

“Although there was no concerted effort to work on creating the "OBLACHINSKA" brand, it is recognized globally, but only with industrial processors. The goal is to present Oblachinska in a clear manner to end consumers, so that those buying a product made from this variety of sour cherry would know that they get something special and exceptional”, said Miodrag Tomić, director and owner of Desing.

“Oblachinska represents about 85% in the total sour cherry production in Serbia. The high content of dry matter, favorable ratio of sugars and acids, relatively easy pitting, good fruit firmness and extremely high-quality aromatic taste make it a variety of exceptional quality. Polyphenolic compounds are the most important biologically active compounds of Oblachinska. They are characterized by exceptional antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antitumor activity, and a large number of scientific publications attest to that", explained Dr. Mile Veljović, President of the Food Technology Council of Serbia.

"Placing the focus on Serbian autochthonous fruit varieties is a great opportunity for domestic agriculture and the food industry. In addition to clear economic benefits through higher level processing and marketing of Oblachinska cherry products, this activity will also help Serbia to better position itself as a brand in the world market. Authenticity, tradition and quality are values that find place among both local and foreign consumers, "said Aleksandar Pavlović, Director of USAID Competitive Economy Project.

In the coming period, the Center for the Development of Innovative Oblachinska Cherry Products will focus on attracting producers from the agri-food sector in order to jointly promote the products and enter new markets. It will be followed by free-of-charge trainings on food technology and safety, innovation, marketing and promotion, access to markets and sales strategies.

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